Tuesday, November 27, 2012


can't seem to stop daydreaming 

as the year draws to a close do you start to consider how your year has been? 

have you achieved your goals? 

did you have goals?

sometimes the busier I get the more daydreaming I seem to do.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n

should be my middle name. 

I note that one of my "getting a life" goals for this year (on the side bar thingee) was half an hour cleaning on weekdays. Not doing so well with this.

I've been neglecting home making duties for about a month around here. Mostly cleaning and tidying but dinner making has been pretty slack too. I'm pretty good at clothes washing (of course I have to be as we don't have a never ending supply of knickers and I have my favourites). Clothes folding also not to bad at. Clothes putting away. Terrible. I leave it for the Man about the House to do but (sigh) he doesn't get the hint. I've been spending all my children free time making things for a green life. Which feels productive unlike cleaning. 

So I stopped cutting and playing with cuffs for hero outfits at lunchtime today and wrote this list. I thought the list would take me all week and I'd hate it. But I did almost everything on it in a few hours and I liked it. Maybe my name should be Mrs Procrastination. 

One thing I have done lately is make another batch of washing liquid with Dr Bronner's soap. Lovely.
Again about a month of p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n to get this done. 

This was my list (you will be impressed):
vacuum          tick
wipe table      tick
wipe walls      tick
windows         I wiped the sills does that count

Floors          mopped even
Wipe all cupboard doors      
                tick I even wiped the walls, fridge and door frame

Toilet          tick
Floors          tick
Mirror          tick
Windows         tick

Vacuum          tick
Tidy            our room still a shambles

and I added wiping random doors. So while the washing remains unfolded in a rather large pile on the floor. I can't describe how I feel as it feels ridiculous that I can't just do a little at a time but must save it up until somebody comes around or it is annoying me so much I must do something. It's a weird feeling as I'm very house proud but if you popped over here most days you wouldn't think so. Also weird that 2 friends popped in unexpectedly today and actually they didn't care. 

To be fair a green life is just starting to pick up a bit of business so it has been necessary to spend less time on home making roles. Maybe not dropping them altogether however. 

PS. Can't believe I've written a post about this but I'm all inspired by my friend who has recently started a blog which I'm really enjoying. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a few products

Don't Worry Be Happy

Sounds easy and people say it like it should be easy. But for some of us (including me) not worrying and therefore being happy sometimes becomes a struggle. I like to keep my blog positive but I also want to use it at times to help focus the negative thoughts that pop into a persons (my) head. These thoughts hold us back in times of anxiety.

So I've been reading The Art of Happiness, which is written from a series on interviews with the HH Dalai Lama. A very sensible man. Here are two quotes that are so true:
I've found that sincere motivation acts as an antidote to reduce fear and anxiety. (pg226)

If there is a solution to the problem. there is no need to worry. If there is no solution, there is no sense in worrying either. (pg 229).

This video might just make you smile .

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas Ornament Swap 2012

Hello there,
Would you like to receive 4 beautiful handmade ornaments for your Christmas tree? Yes of course you would. 

Myself and two blogger friends, Sara (who organised it) @ while the children sleep and Holly @ Holly Made (both whom I know in real life) participated in a Christmas Ornament Swap last year. I'm going to organise it this year. (Sara now of Swings & Roundabouts fame is going to participate and Holly of Oli e Lui fame is too busy making gorgeous children's clothes to make ornaments).

Many of you told me you really enjoyed receiving little parcels of ornaments (love) and enjoyed staring at their Christmas Tree. 
Here is a link to some of the ornament goodness that was swapped last year. There were lots of hearts and here's another cute one: 

Here's the details:
Participants will be put into groups of four people, and you will "swap" ornaments. That means making four handmade ornaments, one for yourself, and three more for each of the other members of your group. I will be send the postage details of the others in your group and you need to post them an ornament by the 30th November. I will not send your address to anyone else. Resulting in four beautiful ornaments. 

How to Join:
If you would like to take part in this swap, this is what you need to do:
Please email your:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address (please include your email, otherwise I have to go and search for it:)
  • Blog or facebook page link if you have one
to my email address, agreenandsometimesbluelife at gmail dot com by the 31st October. 

What to make: 
You needn't be a crafter to make something that you and others will love. 
 You can use any craft technique as long as it has a Christmas ornament theme. They can be made from anything ..... natural things, wool, felt, buttons, beads, fabric, paper.....I have a stash of crafty stuff so please ask if you need something.

For some inspiration please check out my Christmas Board on pinterest here and look at the blog posts under the name Christmas for ideas. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

a green living shampoo

I've been hanging out to share this green living tip for a while. I started using this simple shampoo replacement a couple of months ago by combining one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of water. It doesn't foam and is different to 'normal' shampoo but it really does make your hair feel clean and SO shiny. Baking Soda doesn't strip your hair of its natural oils, but simply removes dirt from your hair. 

If you don't believe me check these sites out:


Now I just need to try out the apple cider vinegar conditioner these sites talk about too!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

time for a green life 'the business'

Welcome if you've popped over from the facebook page. 

As Master Happywho had become Master I’m not obeying you and I’m going to squealhas started going to Tawa Montessori which is a 20 minute drive away for 2 full days and 3 half days. While this does include the NZ governments 20 free hours of child care it is far from cheap what with the “donation” and petrol. So basically our single income isn’t covering any of these costs. In fact our single income isn't covering lots lately*.

So I am feeling lots of pressure to bring in some income. The way the hours work doesn’t really allow a part time during working hours type affair and I’m trying to avoid taking a minimal wage type job. I’ve always been crafty and liked business so this feels like the correct time to start this idea which I've dreamt about for years. If you like one of the green life goods my family would really appreciate your generosity to help make my dream a reality. 

Master Happy is settling down and much happier in a Montessori environment. So it is worth it and being creative makes me happy. Win - Win. 

*But I'm not going to go into that. 

choose beauty

"Sometimes life throws you a wicked end-of-summer storm. The labor of your work is broken, scattered… ruined. You take in the damage and observe a moment of silence. You then have a choice: you can wallow in what is lost or you can… Pick up the pieces and make something beautiful."  from lets lasso the moon. 

I'm trying to think of sunflowers and sunnier days at the moment. 

P.S. Yesterday I launched the Sugar & Spice Spring Skirts on a green life's facebook page and I'm feeling really vulnerable about them. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

life lately

Lately our household has not tried any new green approaches to living. I did make a batch of laundry detergent from Wendy Nissen's site which will last just over a month and costs about $10 and smells delicious.  

(loving Master Happy's new hoody. He said it looks like a clown but was happy to wear it.) 

BUT we have been making lots of 5 minute walks to  Pukerua Bay’s beach (it's Free after all). A great play ground for the dog and kids and some quiet time for ‘The Parents’. I’ve always loved beaches and this beach has so much to offer. The bear hunt walk down the gully to get there, a stream, rockpools, both sand and stony parts, driftwood, cat’s eyes (shells), paua, a waterfall, baches, picnic tables for fish and chips (if Pukerua Bay had a fish and chip shop) and safe for swimming. 

The Man about the House has taken the kids both days in the past 3 weekends while I've been sewing... (check out the a green life shop here

Thursday, August 9, 2012

a green life is in business

'a green life' is now a business and guess what i'm the boss!
this has been a little dream of mine for some time. 
now that my children don't need me every minute of the day i'm making it come true. the money will be helpful too.

the initial business plan is i make stuff from my stash of craft supplies and you buy it. i'm going to be mostly re-purposing things.  i'll be honest i'll be using lots of inspiration from pinterest and other things i see. i like simple designs which are fun and colourful. think lots of one-off designs, green living, doilies, animals, wool, vintage and retro... 

please join me as i strive to live a green and full life while still being a stay at home mama. you can do this by buying a green life good and helping to spread the word. 
handmade goods shop: www.felt.co.nz/shop/agreenlife
preloved shop: www.trademe.co.nz (coming soon)
facebook: www.facebook.com/agreenandsometimesbluelife
email: agreenandsometimesbluelife@gmail.com

PS. There's a competition happening over on the facebook page for 'a green life' gift voucher

Sunday, July 29, 2012

a little green inspiration

source: crushculdesac 

Getting excited about the big reveal happening soon. 
Emotions have been like a roller coaster lately and I hate roller coasters so 
I'm going out of a limb and I've been enjoying it. 
I'll be blogging more now and looking forward to it. Watch. This. Space.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i see a little tradition forming

If you didn't know Mothers Day is this coming Sunday, which also happens to fall in Feijoa season. Last year all I asked for Mothers Day was this Feijoa Cake with Crumble Topping (the photo does it no justice) and homemade cards. It's the thought that counts right and as it takes a wee while to prepare and cook there is quite a bit of love put into it. 
When The Man gets home from work today I'm going to formally request it. So as he knows I mean it not just a random comment. As ladies and gentlemen this cake is fab. 

PS. I'm also going to request some hair straighteners using FLY BUY points as part of project reinvention. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

anonymous-and-pseudonyms - Ctd

So back tracking to January and hanging at my parents in Blenheim. With The Man slaving away in ChCh. We arrived mid week 11th or something and the local rag always has a section on pets available at the SPCA. I always read it. You know the type of thing with an adorable 'please take me' photo and two lines about how amazing this cat, dog, rat, etc is. So I spot a VERY cute picture of this black Labrador/Pointer cross. Oooh this caught my attention. 

ANGUS. "A 12 week old sweet, boy puppy". 

At the same time I note a Christmas special of $50 for a dog. It says. I read it several times then read the rest of the rag and go on about my mothering or rather time watching my Mum being a Nana. Her favourite thing.

I mull over this all day. Go back to the paper. Reread it. I really want a dog. Always thought I'd have a dog. We had a labrador when growing up (so did The Man). I've always liked the look of pointers. My brother had a pointer. I'd spent considerable time in my head (and reading books and online) in past years debating the merits of different breeds. The Man wants a Great Dane. Whatever. Remembering that we are moving in a matter of weeks and thinking to myself if we get a dog now #1. We'll have to choose a place where we can have a dog. #2. We've got 2 weeks ahead of ourselves at Mum and Dads and nothing to do but go fishing with Granddad at the beach or river. Perfect.
So my brother comes around on the Friday night. I tell him I've got something for him to look at. I go hunt out the rag and show him. He loves dogs and misses his pointer. He says "oh hard work blah, blah" but his eyes say "oh he's so cute." Having not said anything to Mum and Dad (even asking them if it would be ok to have said dog at their place) they poo pooed it. Thinking I'd have missed out on him anyway I ring up first thing on Saturday morning. He's still there. He's lovely they say. Ok we'll come and meet him.
So I took my bro with me for advice. I thought to myself the only way I'll take him is if he's calm. And he was oh so calm. Didn't jump (well not much). My bro reckoned it was a goer. How could we not. So we did and now he's ours. I did try to call The Man to ask his thoughts/permission but he didn't answer his phone so he didn't really have much say this big family decision. Probably for the best as we'd not have got him otherwise. He wasn't $50 as that was a mistake. It wasn't Chirstmas- wishful thinking. But for $100 the cheapest dog we were going to find. 
We spent days debating his name. I liked Angus (he could be GUS like our friends dog) as the SPCA had called him but I had always thought I call a dog Forrest. Nobody liked Forrest. He ran around after his Master (Mr Happy) so we named him Shadow. He is his dog. This is funny too as it rhymes with Mr Happy's real name so Shadow he is. And he has grown so much. He's now about 7mths and while not as calm he is a good looking dog who I look at and imagine the future with. How nice is that. Best decision I've made in years.

All photos are from his first week with us. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

my hopes for my 2012 life

Resolutions for the remainder of 2012. 
tick tock. they say time flies. time can't actually fly but it doesn't stand still. 

Trying to slow things down intentionality. Be grateful for what you have/do. 

Make me a priority
 Not just my life but actually me how i feel, how I am with my thoughts and actions. That was and still is the aim of this blog to help me work through me being me. I want to be the better me now rather than the sometimes blue one who is hard to motivate.

I wish to reinvent my wallrobe and try to do my hair more often. 

My love life 
A little romance perhaps.

Quality time with my Children 
Which it feels like their isn't much of as opposed to quantity time which there is lots of. This will involve Alphabet weeks. Stay tuned folks.
My creative space
Each month I want to make/do:
x1 item of clothes
x1 an organised home
x1 new recipe
x1 read a book
x1 thrifting trip
x1 recipe hand written into my recipe book

Staying close
Connecting with my parents, brothers (and their families) 
and my bro-in-law more and better. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello there, do you remember me? 

Last I left you I was going on a fishing holiday in January and now it's almost May. So over the next wee while I'm going to record (kinda in date order) what's been happening while I took a 'blogiday'.

I kinda forgot to let you know. I was going to do this dramatic post about this sad/exciting news. It's only a small detail. But his little fam-dam-ily of mine has moved from shaky Christchurch to Wellington, the Kapiti Coast more precisely. 

I can now say I live by the beach. Recently I've been describing myself as occasionally happy. Shock Horror. 

I've a post planned to tell you all about the actual wee move as it's a little dramatic, it seems that's how we roll. Please come and join my green life as new things are a foot.  

Smile x x x

Friday, January 13, 2012

anonymous and pseudonyms

Not sure if you've noticed but I've not been using our 'real' names on a green (and sometimes blue) life. Why?

I feel a little silly but I've decided not to as I don't want our names to be searchable on the web, particularly as I write about anxiety and while those that know the real life me know I'm pretty open about this I just want to protect my identity a little. Also I would like my children not to have an online presence until they create one themselves. Lots of bloggers use pseudonyms so I shouldn't feel silly. But I do. Personally I like it when a blog uses real names. 

Above is our family hands 2011 which has been hanging in our entranceway. We made it for fathers day. 

It's taken me a while to decide this and as I've not actually posted about it yet this is an indication that I'm not 100% sold on the idea. However I'm going to introduce some pseudonyms.

I am going to be 'smilie' as that was a nick name I was given in childhood. I don't think it describes me that well at present but a retired gentle man I meet last year and volunteered with decided to nick name me that, so I think its still relevant. 

My husband is going to be called 'The Man' or 'man about the house'.

My almost 5 year old daughter will be 'storm'. It's an apt name for her. Wikipedia describes storm as "any disturbed state of an astronomical body's atmosphere, especially affecting its surface, and strongly implying severe weather....Storms generally lead to negative impacts to lives and property". I think it describes her as she can be lovely one minute then she gets over stimulated, can't cope and this leads to behaviour that is well ... changeable imagine thunder and lighting. She is hard to take out. 

My 2.5 year old boy was harder to come up with a name for but I've decided on 'master happy' or 'dinosaurus'. He runs around the house being a din-o-sau-rus and roaring. He has a love of animals but is constantly changing his favourite ones as he discovers new ones. He's loved birds, giraffes, elephants, zebras, pigs and now spiders.  

summer holiday

gone fishing

The kids and me are heading to Blenheim for some fishing trips with my Dad and Mum so I'll be away from a decent internet connection for a couple of weeks. Hope you are enjoying summer. 

and when I get back (among many other things I hope to achieve in twenty twelve) I've a new project called project reinvention. In which I hope to regain some style in my wall robe, hair style and jewellery. While only thrifting and repurposing. As it's fair to say I'm not going to look like this fishing. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


and the living is easy.... 

On the National Radio afternoons summer show, titled Matineer Idol, they have been playing different versions of "summertime". It's the last song of the day just before 5pm and I don't know about you but at that time of the day I'm busy in the kitchen being the domestic goddess that I am. 

I've always loved this song. It's an aria composed by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess (Yes I know you've learnt something today haven't you). While I was living in South Africa I went to a big Opera production of Porgy and Bess. So now I REALLY love this song as it also brings back memories. Do you have songs like that? I like this version: 

.... well the living was easy until one parent (the man about the house) returned to work and one parent about the house isn't so easy (as lots of you will know). We'll get back into the swing of things but can you hear my big deep breath. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

happy twenty twelve

hello twenty twelve I have a good feeling about you but while I'm working on on what I want for this year. I thought I'd give you a feel for what I'd like this year to be about. 

Source: Top Left: dottie angel.blogspot.com, Top Right: sayingimages.com
Middle Left: etsy.com, Middle Right: flickr.comBottom Left: lovelife.typepad.com, Bottom Right: pinterest.com via ilovehoneylace.tumblr.com

Here's a hint- working on ME 
and enjoying my FAMILY and HUSBAND. 
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