Thursday, May 3, 2012

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So back tracking to January and hanging at my parents in Blenheim. With The Man slaving away in ChCh. We arrived mid week 11th or something and the local rag always has a section on pets available at the SPCA. I always read it. You know the type of thing with an adorable 'please take me' photo and two lines about how amazing this cat, dog, rat, etc is. So I spot a VERY cute picture of this black Labrador/Pointer cross. Oooh this caught my attention. 

ANGUS. "A 12 week old sweet, boy puppy". 

At the same time I note a Christmas special of $50 for a dog. It says. I read it several times then read the rest of the rag and go on about my mothering or rather time watching my Mum being a Nana. Her favourite thing.

I mull over this all day. Go back to the paper. Reread it. I really want a dog. Always thought I'd have a dog. We had a labrador when growing up (so did The Man). I've always liked the look of pointers. My brother had a pointer. I'd spent considerable time in my head (and reading books and online) in past years debating the merits of different breeds. The Man wants a Great Dane. Whatever. Remembering that we are moving in a matter of weeks and thinking to myself if we get a dog now #1. We'll have to choose a place where we can have a dog. #2. We've got 2 weeks ahead of ourselves at Mum and Dads and nothing to do but go fishing with Granddad at the beach or river. Perfect.
So my brother comes around on the Friday night. I tell him I've got something for him to look at. I go hunt out the rag and show him. He loves dogs and misses his pointer. He says "oh hard work blah, blah" but his eyes say "oh he's so cute." Having not said anything to Mum and Dad (even asking them if it would be ok to have said dog at their place) they poo pooed it. Thinking I'd have missed out on him anyway I ring up first thing on Saturday morning. He's still there. He's lovely they say. Ok we'll come and meet him.
So I took my bro with me for advice. I thought to myself the only way I'll take him is if he's calm. And he was oh so calm. Didn't jump (well not much). My bro reckoned it was a goer. How could we not. So we did and now he's ours. I did try to call The Man to ask his thoughts/permission but he didn't answer his phone so he didn't really have much say this big family decision. Probably for the best as we'd not have got him otherwise. He wasn't $50 as that was a mistake. It wasn't Chirstmas- wishful thinking. But for $100 the cheapest dog we were going to find. 
We spent days debating his name. I liked Angus (he could be GUS like our friends dog) as the SPCA had called him but I had always thought I call a dog Forrest. Nobody liked Forrest. He ran around after his Master (Mr Happy) so we named him Shadow. He is his dog. This is funny too as it rhymes with Mr Happy's real name so Shadow he is. And he has grown so much. He's now about 7mths and while not as calm he is a good looking dog who I look at and imagine the future with. How nice is that. Best decision I've made in years.

All photos are from his first week with us. 

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