Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a bit of this a bit of that: Op-Shop Show Off: 27 August 2013

this was all in a days work out at the (op) shops

 cute bear I couldn't resist

Books. I always look at the books. 
I was very happy with the Wind in the Willows book. 
It has those amazing thick pages with absolutely vivid colours in the pictures.  

And how many Hansel and Gretel books does a family really need? 
We just HAD to have this one with moveable characters. 
Spot the little hand keen to do some moving. 

and instead of waiting forever in a day...
 We painted the little house printer tray (from the first photo) 
for Storm's room straight away. Was it sacrilege to paint it?
 It's now in her room but we don't really have anything to put in it.
Maybe her Lego Friends could go in there?

and I may have painted the little letter holder (also in the first photo) 
to change it up using Talia Christine's idea.
I'll save that for another time. 

Join in with Op-Shop-Show-Off

Friday, August 23, 2013

the copy cat list

Making : decisions about money
Cooking : plain jane food as we've had a tummy bug
Drinking : coffee BUT with little or often no sugar.
Reading: blogs, stuff (.co.nz) of nonsense, facebook (nothing literary here folks)
Wanting: things lots of things 
Looking: much better due to new hair dye
Playing: the memory game with Storm
Wasting: time in the evenings, no energy left 
  Sewing: finishing up some tribal inspired kids pants
Wishing: to finish a couple of DIY home interior projects
Enjoying: my favourite month
Waiting: for my brother's family to visit from Perth
Liking: pom, poms. It's taken a while to be sure that I did but I have gotten 
over the 80's thing and now I do
Wondering: what the right thing to do is
Loving: never being able to say goodbye or goodnight without a kiss and a cuddle 
Hoping: we can make our dreams come true
Marvelling: how half a day chopping wood can change winter so much for the better
Needing: more hours of child free time
Smelling: my new deodorant
Wearing: Kathmandu fleece purchased 8 years ago for $30
Following: the liberty/cowl/eternity scarf craze
Noticing: the first little bluebells underneath the washing line. they gave me such joy last year.
Knowing: with your gut what the right thing to do is. Master Happy is so loving his new Steiner Kindy. Best decision/thing about this year by far!
Thinking: we need a date night to see this movie. I seriously love After Midnight and Before Sunset. 
Feeling: exhausted
Bookmarking: always ideas/images for a green life products
Opening: well that might be telling
Giggling: when both kids were crying with frustration at each other this afternoon.
didn't help.
Feeling: happy/sad
 Photos from my garden yesterday. Green, Blue and a splash of pink. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Winter Night Market coming soon

I have 10 draft blog posts all half ready to go so watch out folks. I think from now until Christmas is going to be crazy good. I've got that Spring feeling in my step. Have you?

In the mean time have you checked a green life out on facebook or felt. We are having a winter market night soon. You never know what might you might find.  

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