Tuesday, November 27, 2012


can't seem to stop daydreaming 

as the year draws to a close do you start to consider how your year has been? 

have you achieved your goals? 

did you have goals?

sometimes the busier I get the more daydreaming I seem to do.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n

should be my middle name. 

I note that one of my "getting a life" goals for this year (on the side bar thingee) was half an hour cleaning on weekdays. Not doing so well with this.

I've been neglecting home making duties for about a month around here. Mostly cleaning and tidying but dinner making has been pretty slack too. I'm pretty good at clothes washing (of course I have to be as we don't have a never ending supply of knickers and I have my favourites). Clothes folding also not to bad at. Clothes putting away. Terrible. I leave it for the Man about the House to do but (sigh) he doesn't get the hint. I've been spending all my children free time making things for a green life. Which feels productive unlike cleaning. 

So I stopped cutting and playing with cuffs for hero outfits at lunchtime today and wrote this list. I thought the list would take me all week and I'd hate it. But I did almost everything on it in a few hours and I liked it. Maybe my name should be Mrs Procrastination. 

One thing I have done lately is make another batch of washing liquid with Dr Bronner's soap. Lovely.
Again about a month of p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n to get this done. 

This was my list (you will be impressed):
vacuum          tick
wipe table      tick
wipe walls      tick
windows         I wiped the sills does that count

Floors          mopped even
Wipe all cupboard doors      
                tick I even wiped the walls, fridge and door frame

Toilet          tick
Floors          tick
Mirror          tick
Windows         tick

Vacuum          tick
Tidy            our room still a shambles

and I added wiping random doors. So while the washing remains unfolded in a rather large pile on the floor. I can't describe how I feel as it feels ridiculous that I can't just do a little at a time but must save it up until somebody comes around or it is annoying me so much I must do something. It's a weird feeling as I'm very house proud but if you popped over here most days you wouldn't think so. Also weird that 2 friends popped in unexpectedly today and actually they didn't care. 

To be fair a green life is just starting to pick up a bit of business so it has been necessary to spend less time on home making roles. Maybe not dropping them altogether however. 

PS. Can't believe I've written a post about this but I'm all inspired by my friend who has recently started a blog which I'm really enjoying. 

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