Friday, August 19, 2011

Q: what do you want for your birthday?

Does your mind go blank when you get asked this question?
Mine always does despite the ever growing list in my head.

So here is the current list:
(Not that anybody is ready my blog yet as I've told only one dear friend.)
  • White, turquoise and silver spray paint
  • Washi tape
  • Mollie Makes magazine subscription
  • Chicken wire for a framing project
  • New Shoes
  • Paper straws for kids birthday parties
  • Socks
  • Bakers twine for I don't know what
  • Scrapbook paper so I can do this
Almost all these projects are to make my home beautiful.

PS. This isn't the whole list that would be pages long just the right at the top of my "need" list
(Ok "want" list) at the mo. The thing about birthdays is nobody ever really gets you these things as they have no idea this is what you really, really need (want). Sigh!

Actually I'm lying as my Mum and hubbie have learnt and did ask. So I'm getting this Homestyle magazine so I can lust over this amazing lady's ability to do things around the house and do the thing with the scrapbooking paper.

AND I think I'm getting this limited edition Rotary Cutter supporting breast cancer which I'm going to make quilts with my late Mother-in-Law dresses for her sisters and my daughter. It's so appropriate as my Mother-in-Law died from secondary breast cancer in February this year. I've been missing her a lot. I miss being able to talk to her. I've inherited all of her sewing supplies and material (boxes of it) and I'm going to use it so well in honour of her. It will take me years.

So actually I'm going to be a very happy camper on my birthday. I'm almost counting the days... 9 sleeps.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

look what arrived in the mail today

This lovely smelling package arrived on my doorstep this morning
and I can not explain what a good feeling it is to have it.

In the last month or so I have really been focusing on making a few purchases happen
so that I can start really "being green"
in terms of making my own beauty and cleaning products.

I have wanted to do this for years
and yet getting the recipes and supplies has never made it to the top of the
"to buy this month" list.
Thanks somewhat to my awesome friend at whilethechildrensleep
and Megan from Mousehouse who have provided inspiration.

Actually I have now over spent for this month.
But I feel like I'm always dreaming of doing things which don't happen.
This makes me feel useless which I am not
its simply that living on the student allowance
with some part time work does not make us wealthy.

I am also happy about getting today's mail as it means the following can happen:
1. I can use the cute little glass bottles I have been collecting for years.
2. I can make them look pretty with cute printable free labels I have spent time searching for
or I could paint them with the black board paint recipe I found on pinterest.
3. I can clear out all the harsh chemicals from our cleaning cupboard.
4. I can make my home more organised.


Basically I can reuse and reorganise. Things I LOVE to do.
AND my family and I will so enjoy using the gorgeously smelling products
in our home and on our skin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 little words


Lately the words are spilling from my little 2 year old boy (I've decided not to use names but not sure what to use yet). Each night at bed time I've been giving him special little cuddles saying all my goodnight words ("nigh night", "it's dark outside sleepy time", "nice and snuggly") but most importantly these 3 little words- "I LOVE YOU"(which mean A LOT).


I just knew they were so close and 3 nights ago he said- "LUV" ever so quietly after I'd said my 3 little words. Which he then proceeded to do several more times. I can't explain how AMAZING as a mum those words are. Then he said "papa love", "mama love" and I said (his big sisters name- blah need to think of names or something for them) and he shook his head. Cheeky monkey.


Over the last few days he's becoming more confident with it and today said "LUV U" when it was nap time.

During the last few days I've been thinking about these 3 little words and my husband a lot too. He's working so hard.

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