Thursday, June 11, 2015

made my week: quilted chair cover

This is something I made for our home. Crafting is such a soul satisfying thing.  

I used the instructions from my poppet's triangle quiltalong. It was very helpful. 
My poppet explains that patchwork is when you join all the pieces of fabric together to make a quilt top. Quilting is the technique of stitching the top, batting and backing layers together. 

As an extra time consuming step I matched 4 of the smaller triangles together with similar colours to make one larger triangle. My Man about the House couldn't see what I had done. Can you? I quilted only the one larger triangle. 

I honestly can't remember where I picked this shabby chic chair up from. I think we purchased our staple gun to put a new cover on it and its telephone chair mate back in 2004. If you don't have a staple gun you don't know what you are missing out on. Annoying but they can provide a quick fix to some ugly furniture. 

While I was cutting the smaller triangles I cut larger ones to do the telephone chair. One day I'll get to that. These two pieces have never had a good 'home' in any of our homes. When we have a villa or bungalow they'll fit right in. As will I. 

Degree of difficulty: If you can use a sewing machine and staple gun you can do this. 

Cost: Fabric from my scrap bag and I also raided my friends scrap bag (OK I asked her very politely). It includes 'special' family fabric such as My Man's parents light shade material that my late MIL made into a skirt for Storm which she has worn as a favourite for years. If you don't have a staple gun this kind of crafty thing is a perfect excuse to go get one. 
Time: Truthfully I spent most of a weekend sewing this while still fulfilling the bare minimum cooking and other random Mum "where are my gumboot?" type duties.
Result: Ok so I was pretty happy with the cushions from here. Well times that by about 4. It's now a very good prop for crowns and wands. Double bonus. 

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