Thursday, September 6, 2012

time for a green life 'the business'

Welcome if you've popped over from the facebook page. 

As Master Happywho had become Master I’m not obeying you and I’m going to squealhas started going to Tawa Montessori which is a 20 minute drive away for 2 full days and 3 half days. While this does include the NZ governments 20 free hours of child care it is far from cheap what with the “donation” and petrol. So basically our single income isn’t covering any of these costs. In fact our single income isn't covering lots lately*.

So I am feeling lots of pressure to bring in some income. The way the hours work doesn’t really allow a part time during working hours type affair and I’m trying to avoid taking a minimal wage type job. I’ve always been crafty and liked business so this feels like the correct time to start this idea which I've dreamt about for years. If you like one of the green life goods my family would really appreciate your generosity to help make my dream a reality. 

Master Happy is settling down and much happier in a Montessori environment. So it is worth it and being creative makes me happy. Win - Win. 

*But I'm not going to go into that. 

choose beauty

"Sometimes life throws you a wicked end-of-summer storm. The labor of your work is broken, scattered… ruined. You take in the damage and observe a moment of silence. You then have a choice: you can wallow in what is lost or you can… Pick up the pieces and make something beautiful."  from lets lasso the moon. 

I'm trying to think of sunflowers and sunnier days at the moment. 

P.S. Yesterday I launched the Sugar & Spice Spring Skirts on a green life's facebook page and I'm feeling really vulnerable about them. 
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