Thursday, August 9, 2012

a green life is in business

'a green life' is now a business and guess what i'm the boss!
this has been a little dream of mine for some time. 
now that my children don't need me every minute of the day i'm making it come true. the money will be helpful too.

the initial business plan is i make stuff from my stash of craft supplies and you buy it. i'm going to be mostly re-purposing things.  i'll be honest i'll be using lots of inspiration from pinterest and other things i see. i like simple designs which are fun and colourful. think lots of one-off designs, green living, doilies, animals, wool, vintage and retro... 

please join me as i strive to live a green and full life while still being a stay at home mama. you can do this by buying a green life good and helping to spread the word. 
handmade goods shop:
preloved shop: (coming soon)

PS. There's a competition happening over on the facebook page for 'a green life' gift voucher

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