Wednesday, November 2, 2011

beginnings and endings with lifetimes in between

I thought I'd do a series of posts about the books I've discovered about death for children. What I found was that they all celebrate LIFE! 
Firstly, we have been reading 'Beginnings and Endings with LIFETIMES in between' by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen for some time as it was one of the books I'd had in my 'library' from when I was doing book parties (like tuperware). I like reading and looking at illustrations you see. 
We started reading this last year when our 2 goldfish died after the September earthquake as the tank became yucky (I'd like to think that was why they died- not that we over fed them!). I think every household should have this. Teaching children about loss and grief is a lifelong lesson and factual books like this are a sensitive and good stare. From as early as about 2 and a half years children can start to learn that all things have an ending. It is beautifully illustrated and a great way to introduce the topic of mortality to a young child. 

A quote:"All around us, everywhere, beginnings and endings are going on all the time. With living in between".  
It is a special book and has many learning points:
  1. Everything has a lifetime. How long it lives depends on what it is and what happens while it is living. 
  2. Sometimes living things become ill or hurt. Mostly, they get better but sometimes they die. 
  3. "It may be sad but it is the way of all things. Plants, people, birds, fish, trees, animals and even the tiniest insect." 
You won't regret buying this book. Here are some websites to buy it from cheaper than the shops. 


  1. Mia has been asking a lot of death questions lately - this would be a good book for to help with those!

  2. that book looks lovely! I'll have to get it too!


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