Monday, November 21, 2011

painting projects - part one - family artists

Our landlords left lots of white paint in our shed which I've used before but I'd been longing for some colour and have had ideas to repaint lots of things around the house that have just been in storage as they weren't appealing to me in their current colour/state. So this is the first of many reveals of all the painting projects that are still works-in-progress.

Remember these frames from this eco-shopping expedition well they are what inspired me to get my A into G. Resene where having a half price test pot sale. So a good excuse to finally sit down and work out what colours I wanted. Procrastination should be my middle name. I also had my Nana's $20 birthday money in my wallet.  

I was also inspired by Holly Made who had a similar idea and involved her child in the process, check it out here. So I decided it wouldn't be perfect but who cares about that right. We did x2 coats in 2 days. Sploshing paint around as we didn't pay for it. Then I was so excited I did the final coat one sunny evening. This is note worthy as I am normally shattered in the evening and do nothing. Not even watch telly. So what am I going to do with them now. 

I'd seen this quote "Every child is an Artist" by Pablo Picasso and wanted to celebrate some of the artwork that comes home from kindy. almost. every. single. day. 

I just used wooden pegs with blu tack under them so I can move the pegs around depending on the piece of art. I have been staring at the art ever since we put it up. So I think it's working. The trick will be to constant change the art so the kids can enjoy them before they are put in a box which seems sad. 

And the other frame ... stay tuned folks.


  1. So simple yet so gorgeous. Ruby has been going through a rainbow painting phase so we have loads of those up at the moment. It definitely makes the room bright and sunny! What a cool way to use an old frame. xxx

  2. Very cool Sus! Looks great! Sara


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