Tuesday, November 8, 2011

random thought

I'm one of those people who thinks things have to be perfect and exactly how you imagine they should be before you do them. It's a very annoying trait and I'm trying to kick it. So for at least 6 months I'd wanted to decorate tin can telephones with washi tape (decorative tape) to play with my children. BUT I just haven't had money for necessities let alone something seemingly frivolous as the washi tape to make them. Here's a list of those frivolous things.

For some reason today I looked at my 2 sick children and thought stuff it how long is it going to take for me to walk out to the garage, grab the hammer and something to make a hole, I had the tins already and a pretty good idea were the string was. So within about 5 minutes we'd made them.

Ta Da:

Plain Jane tin cans with a hole and string. Master 2 then played with the hammer while Miss 4 and I talked to each other on the "phone". Guess what the first thing Miss 4 said to me was. 

"Mum I love you". 
I said "I love you too".
Miss 4 then said "I love it when you play with me". 

Let this be the lesson:


  1. Thanks Suz - I needed that little lesson today! Gorgeous little story and I love the tin can phone! Must copy sometime in the near future :)

  2. When she wants to write a card or a note to Nathan or I Mia always without fail writes Dear Mum or Dad I love it when you play with me. Love Mia. I was very impressed when I rang you the other day and you had done this and were on to walnut boats! You are a great Mum! Sara xo


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