Monday, October 31, 2011

55 sleeps until the big bearded man comes

Here are some more ideas for the Christmas Ornament Swap check out the details here and some more ideas here, here, here and here

(looks like an easy tutorial)

(also very 'in') 

How to:
1. Pick up some glass ornaments from the opp shop or your stash of ugly ornaments you never end up using.
2. Decoupage (a flash word for paper mache) with vintage paper (any paper really). Could be some christmas scrap book paper.
3. Sprinkle with glass glitter before the glue is dry.
3. Tie with jute and sparkly bead and a tag with a christmas word that inspires. 

How to:
Same idea as above but paper just cut in strips and attached top and bottom. 
Check out this tutorial if you are keen to make these. 
(little tutorial)

(super cool made with a balloon, yarn and glue)

Am I confusing you yet? 
Obviously I like all of these and probably shouldn't have shown you all my ideas as I still have no idea what I am making. I would like to give a few of these a go but don't want to make a flop. Maybe you are feeling the same? Well the approach of this swap is just to have some fun and give it a go. 

Are you keen? 
Please register to sarajspeight(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)nz with your name, email address and postage details. Ideally by the 1st November (thats tomorrow). 

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