Thursday, November 10, 2011

my new old bike

My husband was undecided about what to do with his late mums bike (read going to take it to the dump). I'm so glad I convinced him to spend money we didn't really have to get a friend to 'upcycle' it (fix it up). I was so excited when he brought it around a few weekends ago I was actually jumping up and down (after he left). I am going to treasure it having come with her all the way from the Netherlands and being in pretty good condition. The best bit is its easy and smooth to ride. Much more enjoyable than my mountain bike. It remind's me of my MIL, my hubbies sister (we have hers too!), being married to a dutch man, and our 10 months living in The Netherlands (mostly Amsterdam memories). Cool eh?

To be truly awesome now all it needs is a basket.  

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