Tuesday, October 4, 2011

for the soul

So life isn't always so sunny for me as I have anxiety. There I said it.

So hence the sometimes blue in the blog title. 

I don't expect to talk about it much as mostly I don't need too but every now and then (like most people) I need to express some of my thoughts and feelings. Which if you have anxiety are constantly running through your mind. And until you deal with them they don't go away. In fact they like to stick around.  

I mostly just need to get some exercise, a walk in nature, to make something, 
or have a chat. 
read: some alone or ME time. 

Being a Stay at Home Mama (SAHM) alone time is difficult during week days as children crave mummy time. The big thing around here at the mo is giddy up horsy. So normally in the weekends Papa "looks after them" while I get a bit of ME time. But as it's getting to crunch time for my hubbie with study I'm playing SAHM in the weekends too. I'm not annoyed with him as I would like for him to succeed. BUT I shall be very happy when mid November comes, exams are finished and we can have more ME and family time. 
It will feed my soul. 

But do you know this blog with all its little lists makes me want to make and making inspires me to make more. How awesome is that. 

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