Tuesday, October 18, 2011

christmas ornament swap / the big reveal

Welcome lovelies, 

Would you like to receive 6 beautiful handmade ornaments for your Christmas tree? 
Yes of course you would. 

Myself and two blogger friends, Sara @ while the children sleep and Holly @ Holly Made (both whom I know in real life) will "post" ideas for inspiration over the next wee while. 

Here's the details:
Participants will be put into groups of 6 people, and you will "swap" ornaments. That means making 6 handmade ornaments, one for yourself, and one for each of the other members of your group. You will be given the postage details of the others in your group and be expected to post them an ornament by the end of November. Resulting in six beautiful ornaments. Ta Da.

How to register:

Sara has kindly offered to organise/host for us. Simply email her at sarajspeight(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)nz with your name, email address and postage details. Please register by the 1st of November. So you have one month to make.

What to make: 
You needn't be a crafter to make something that you and others will love. They can be made from anything ..... natural things, wool, felt, buttons, beads, fabric, paper.....I have a stash of crafty stuff so please ask if you need something.

Here is some inspiration/tutorials.

from: etsy.com

 I'm planning a post on doilies christmas stuff. Totally the 'in' thing. 
Stay turned.

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