Thursday, October 27, 2011

a merry doily christmas - part one: ornaments

Numbers for the Christmas Ornament Swap with whilethechildrensleep and hollymade are adding up. If you are hesitant about joining the swap due to what you consider a lack of creative skills I suggest a visit to these blogs and a little trip to spotlight (or your local craft store). I went to spotlight today and there are lots of things that you could use that would be beautiful yet easy to make. 

So I went on a mission to find some doily ornament (p)inspiration. If you haven't heard of pinterest you are missing out on hours of eye candy. I find its the best place to search for craft tutorials. But I digress.  

I've liked doilies for a while now, although I think I used to think them grandmaish. I've realised its the way you use them that takes them from fuddy duddy (spelling?) to creative and beautiful. If you are interested in finding doilies your local opp shop is the best place. The $2 shop sells paper ones these days. I know. I have a supply of paper ones from my MIL. They are many years old. 

Ideas and tutorials
(click on the links below the piccies)
Stiffened Doilies
This sounds easy and I've wanted to do this for some time. 
1. Lay textile doilies on a covered surface. With a foam brush or roller, coat both sides of doilies with undiluted fabric stiffener until just saturated. Let dry overnight. 
2. Press with an iron. 
3. Hang from thread or monofilament.

 Wooden birds with decoupaged doilies 
and aged with a dark patina. 

 Felt Doily Stars


Hanging Fabric Doilies 

Doily Star

and just in case you missed this from my first christmas ornament swap post
here's my favourite again. 

Paper Doily Bird

PS. While I did find some use of doilies for Christmas ornaments I found more as decoration therefore part two to come.

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