Thursday, October 27, 2011

my creative space: a green and blue pillowcase dress #2

I wonder if the trick to this getting stuff done is just to have the sewing machine and all the associated stuff sitting on the dining room table (and hence not tucked away in a pretty craft room). 

A couple of weekends ago we had a fourth birthday party to go to and as we're very low on finances I thought I could whip up another pillowcase dress. Plus its nice to make something. This little girl isn't very girlie I so thought she might like this green and blue pillowcase (only as a dress).  

When we got to the party she was wearing a simple purple top and plain jeans. All the other little girls were dressed to the nines in their party clothes. This made me laugh. BUT then I realised this dress probably won't be worn a lot. Sad face. But I'm hoping just a few special times as I know her parents liked that I'd made it.

I even made the bias binding around the sleeves and put elastic through the front and back.   Personally I didn't want to give it away. 

I've come the the conclusion I can sew with children around. Also another revelation. They have been surprising me by playing around me or 'helping'. Or taking themselves off outside while I've been sewing inside. After 'the earthquakes' I didn't let them out of my sight but thankfully each day this worry relaxes. I think my neighbour thinks its weird that I let my kids roam around outside (imagine a 2 year old with t shirt, no nappy or shoes but maybe socks digging around outside) but that's how I was brought up (and my husband for that matter).  So anyway the idea to sew for an hour a day might not be so unrealistic.
On a good day.
 I must say no housework got done. In fact housework got undone if you know what I mean. 


  1. Who needs to do housework when you can sew? And thats how I grew up too!

  2. Love this little dress :) Great fabric. I still need to work on sewing with kids around... the 2.5 year old is not so bad... but the 10 mnth old... nightmare!

  3. Yes I was going to write that I think it is only really becoming possible now that I have a 4.5 and almost 2.5 year old and its getting warmer. 10mth old probably not so much.


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