Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"have yourself a doily little Christmas"

Lately I've been receiving my Christmas ornaments from the swap. What a lovely feeling to receive handmade Christmas ornaments as cute little packages in the post. Check out what some of the others made here, here and here.

I really wanted to make something from a doily. So another trip off to the opp shops to hunt out doilies. A hard life.
* FYI this is our totata tree in a pot along with the placenta from Master 2.5's birth. It used to be by the fence but the neighbour (different neighbour to the earth mama neighbour comment) cut the top off. I was fuming.
1. She should have asked. 2. She should have looked down as she would have seen it was in a pot. End rant.

And tomorrow I'll show you what I did with them.
And also to come a round up of the ornaments I received. Ah the suspense.

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