Wednesday, December 14, 2011

random thoughts

1. I found out a family member came to ChCh last weekend and didn't drop in. Grrr!
2. Dan Carter got married to Honor Dillion in Blenhole (Blenheim) on Friday at Timara Lodge. My Dad used to supply Timara Lodge with veges and fruit from our vege and fruit shop. I was thinking about this and, along with wishing them luck, I was remembering that at the beginning of the Rugby World Cup I thought we'd be OK only if Dan stayed fit. Funny as we went through 4 number 10's and Beaver ended up the hero in his non-fitting shirt as he'd been eating all the pies and not training. Funny and happy we won. May they have lots of little Dan Carters.
3. I'm an Auntie for the second time last week. My little nephew and his family are doing well but all the way over in Perth and that is sad.
The current master pieces: the planets (including saturn with its red storm), two colours painting (ie. at kindy: painting tick, next activity), marble painting, fairy glitter painting. 

4. Master 2.5 is both adorable and annoying. I really should cut his day sleep as then he might sleep ALL night. But no sleep = disaster pm and kindy asked that he have his sleep!
5. We are all enjoying our advent activities. The kids worked out the idea quickly and we are doing something little each day which while it means we are constantly busy I'm not stressed about trying to do lots. Today we dropped off some scorched almonds (my family treat) and some crackers to the City Mission. Three homeless men were hanging around outside and my kids were polite to them when they said Merry Christmas to us.
6. I really should be making the quilts now but ... (tomorrow I have a few hours where I can with no children around so I'll get everything out then and hopefully get a bit done).
7. Next year I will start making things for christmas earlier not just thinking I will.

Sorry not all positive but these are the thoughts in my head today.

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