Monday, September 2, 2013

Becoming the Mama I Want To Be: One day at a time

Today was a good Mama day so I thought I'd share. I read Stella's post about how to make a small child happy, namely play doh. As I was going to have 2 kiddo's on a school day* I decided that was the first thing I'd do to free up some time for me. I made a batch up using this recipe. I love adding the essential oils to it too. I still use these ones.  

Now my children have the concentration, sitting power of a goldfish so to sit down and play with the play doh for one and a half hours in one sitting. Happy kids, happy mummy. The six year old ended up making food out of it, giving the food made up names, labelling it, displaying it, arranging a shop and giving us money for purchasing her food. Helped by the fact I sat down with them and just popped out a few times to put on and out the stinky, smelly linen. 

Then we played cards, now Mr Happy, at 4 and a bit doesn't really play cards. So I read to him and played cards with the sick child. Recently Storm has been asking what the Joker card is for- "can't we play a game with the joker mum" she asks over and over again. So I think what's another little kids game that's not snap. something about FISHing. I grab my handy dandy notebook (laptop) and find the instructions for GO FISH. Within minutes she's got it and we're off. She won I kind of let her. Is that OK?

Today I was the Mama I want to be. I was intentional and that's often the key. 

* Basically August was a write off for me in terms of getting ahead with my 'work' due to a tummy bug and other general bugs that found a home at our house. Have you had this tummy bug? It lurks in the middle of the night around here. 


  1. thanks so much for linking in, I love the idea of the essential oils in them :o)

  2. Hope you are on the mend now? Bugs, be gone! I don't know why this happens, but some of your posts aren't showing up in my bloglovin' feed - this one only just showed up today. Do you link your posts to your Facebook page? Might be worth doing in case others are having the same problem?


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