Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a bit of this a bit of that: Op-Shop Show Off: 27 August 2013

this was all in a days work out at the (op) shops

 cute bear I couldn't resist

Books. I always look at the books. 
I was very happy with the Wind in the Willows book. 
It has those amazing thick pages with absolutely vivid colours in the pictures.  

And how many Hansel and Gretel books does a family really need? 
We just HAD to have this one with moveable characters. 
Spot the little hand keen to do some moving. 

and instead of waiting forever in a day...
 We painted the little house printer tray (from the first photo) 
for Storm's room straight away. Was it sacrilege to paint it?
 It's now in her room but we don't really have anything to put in it.
Maybe her Lego Friends could go in there?

and I may have painted the little letter holder (also in the first photo) 
to change it up using Talia Christine's idea.
I'll save that for another time. 

Join in with Op-Shop-Show-Off


  1. what a great haul! that bear look really familiar, i think it is citta. i love those little housie storage do-dads, great for little kids to collect their trinkets in, in the case of my daughter sea shells which look very nice on the rare occasion she lets me tidy it up! can't beat op-shopped kids books, but the hansel and gretel story gives me the hebbie-gebbies, no way I'd take that one home!

    1. it is indeed citta. I thought it might have been a 'label' so def couldn't leave behind. Shells that's a good idea. My daughter's room looks good about once a week for about 1 hour! I understand its a bit creepy that's why the kids like it.


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