Friday, August 23, 2013

the copy cat list

Making : decisions about money
Cooking : plain jane food as we've had a tummy bug
Drinking : coffee BUT with little or often no sugar.
Reading: blogs, stuff ( of nonsense, facebook (nothing literary here folks)
Wanting: things lots of things 
Looking: much better due to new hair dye
Playing: the memory game with Storm
Wasting: time in the evenings, no energy left 
  Sewing: finishing up some tribal inspired kids pants
Wishing: to finish a couple of DIY home interior projects
Enjoying: my favourite month
Waiting: for my brother's family to visit from Perth
Liking: pom, poms. It's taken a while to be sure that I did but I have gotten 
over the 80's thing and now I do
Wondering: what the right thing to do is
Loving: never being able to say goodbye or goodnight without a kiss and a cuddle 
Hoping: we can make our dreams come true
Marvelling: how half a day chopping wood can change winter so much for the better
Needing: more hours of child free time
Smelling: my new deodorant
Wearing: Kathmandu fleece purchased 8 years ago for $30
Following: the liberty/cowl/eternity scarf craze
Noticing: the first little bluebells underneath the washing line. they gave me such joy last year.
Knowing: with your gut what the right thing to do is. Master Happy is so loving his new Steiner Kindy. Best decision/thing about this year by far!
Thinking: we need a date night to see this movie. I seriously love After Midnight and Before Sunset. 
Feeling: exhausted
Bookmarking: always ideas/images for a green life products
Opening: well that might be telling
Giggling: when both kids were crying with frustration at each other this afternoon.
didn't help.
Feeling: happy/sad
 Photos from my garden yesterday. Green, Blue and a splash of pink. 


  1. Lovely post, Sus. It's the merry-go-round of our lives at the moment, isn't it?


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