Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Product review: Livie and Luca Shoes

About 3 years ago I stumbled upon Livie & Luca shoes. It was love at first sight and I used to  visit the site to peruse the beautiful shoes and imagine them on my children's feet.                                                                                         

They have names like petal, bloom, stego (as in stegosaurus) and metric vintage. 

What is so cool about them, you see it's not just the brightly coloured velvety soft leathers. It's also that the two co-founders, Mitzi Rivas and Amie Garciaare, are Mum's- their children are Livie and Luca! The website says Live & Luca is about

  • whimsy and joy: I mean look at these shoes
  • giving back: they donate 10% of online sales to charity and donate gently-worn shoes to children in Honduras, 
  • sustainability: and eco-friendly practices 
  • handmade: by artisans in China and Mexico  


We've had 5 pairs of these shoes/boots and they wear and wear. We've had the boots pictured above on Master Happy for 3 years. They have done both kids. I'm looking at getting him the ones with the measuring tapes next. They don't ship to New Zealand from their web-store "because we try to give our wholesale accounts as much business as possible". I emailed them to ask you see. That is pretty nice I thought. The NZ stores that sell them are. They are between $60-80 NZ. Several overseas online shoe shops do sell them to NZ (which honestly is likely to be cheaper). 

However if you would like our gently worn preloved pair above which are not scuffed! Which are a size 9 in a mustardy yellow (the colour made popular by Dee here and here). They are listed on trade me until Friday night 21st June 8.30pm with a starting price of $35. 

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