Friday, April 26, 2013

I remembered them

 Master Happy and I (to find out about our 'names' on this blog check here) went along to the ANZAC day parade in Paekakariki. Storm had come down with a tummy bug so the Man about the House and her stayed home (and made ANZAC day bikkies). 

 I don't know about you but on ANZAC Day I think about my Grandparents. I wonder what 'those' days were like for them. The gentleman above had is 5 year old great grandson there at the parade. And look at all the medals the lady beside him has. I wonder whose they were and what they were for. I was standing beside her at one point and I'm kicking myself for not asking her. 

The community marched along behind the parade. As we contemplate where we want to live (this village is about 7 minutes north of us) I look at these hippies and wonder if we'd fit in. Most probably. 

Source: Wikipedia

Personally I always choke up at The Last Post and Binyon's Poem "For the Fallen". Above panel from Christchurch Cathedral. I like to think they have managed to save it. 

Master Happy exploring the poppy's with his second ANZAC day biscuit from the cuppa inside the Memorial Hall. 

and the biscuits awaiting us when we got home. It's the Man about the House's fav recipe. He makes them quite often as we usually have all the ingredients. I sat down to a coffee, another bikkie and my knitting needles. Prefect for me. 

Then I made pumpkin soup for lunch to go with scones also made by hubby. The rest of the day passed away uneventfully. Nice.

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