Saturday, February 16, 2013

being kind feeling the love

My children and I gave a basket with fresh bread out of my oven, x2 soups, and scones with cream to my elderly neighbour whom we are friendly with but not friends with if you know what I mean. While she hasn't actually told us that her husband is probably dying we had guessed.

In my act of being kind I felt I was giving love to another person and as tears welled up in her eyes (and mine) she gave me a big hug and explained that it was really good timing for her as she is struggling. I had been meaning to do something for her and her husband for some time. When we moved here, 1 year ago in a few days, she potted up some herbs for me which I always meant to say thank you with some baking but never have. We don't see them from our house but they can see (and hear!) us. However we have noticed the district nurses have been visiting. 

I'm so glad that I took the time today to do something for somebody else, to be kind. I feel like I'm teaching my children something and I've learnt that if there is something you want to do for another but life gets in the way just don't let life get in the way. Stop. Slow down. I feel both happy and sad that it took Kindness Day organised by The Sisterhood for me to do it. 


  1. It's crazy how we ignore the feelings of 'I should do' this is a beautiful story and makes me want to do more!


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