Wednesday, January 2, 2013

good intentions

 (image made by me from of a pohutukawa tree and fiddled with on

I was blown away by all this Blank Canvas stuff last year in blog land. This year it seems is no different. Everybody is coming up with these lovely posts about good intentions, a word for the year (people are even cashing in on this craze see here), check this guy out, what things they'll be linking up to....  Project 365, a portrait a week, a month of momentsOp Shop Show Off (Tues), Wardrobe Wednesdays, Creative Thursdays, Grateful Fridays, really it's mind blogging!

 But here are the things I do wish for this blog:
1. Blog more often
2. Get more followers so I have an incentive to blog which might mean I have to blog more often. Funny that.
3. Grow the a green life business
4. Make my house a home.. I'm going to call this 'Make my home life'. I'm even going to design a 'pin'. But you'll have to bear with me for that as I'm expecting that to take hours. If you've been here before you might notice I've gone a bit simpler on the colours for 2013 (for now anyway). Having some difficulty with the title font and a few other bits and pieces since fiddling around ...


  1. Happy New Year, Sus! The new layout and clean background looks great. Looking forward to reading more about your green life in 2013.

  2. yes while I do like colours (especially rainbows) I like white with 'pops' of colour more.


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