Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a few random thoughts

1. I'm going to try working on my body for life a bit harder. It is for life after all. 

2. I'm really excited by some of the projects that are starting to get finished and happen around home. 

3. I just wish people understood (or bothered to inform themselves) on what living in the eastern suburbs is like post earthquakes. Recently a friend (who lives in Christchurch) said to me in an incredible-like tone: "Do you still have diggers on your street?" I know it shouldn't have annoyed me but it did. We have so many diggers here it is just ridiculous. The work that these people are doing is amazing. The roads are really a mess and yet if they weren't doing what they are doing we'd not be able to live here and I'm truly thankful. But I'm really grumpy that they are dumping all the silt into the river!


4. Me and Spring go together. I just love Spring. Something else that goes with Spring is Christchurch.

5. I think the photography course I'm doing is just the beginning of learning how to take better photos.  

6. I have so many ideas to blog about it isn't funny. 

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